At OSG there are three things that separate us from all the others.  It starts with Core Values, followed by excellent communication with each of our clients, and ends with consistently following through.

The OSG Core Values:

Integrity: Do the right thing when no one is watching
Leadership: Lead yourself before you lead others
Team Work: Putting your team members above yourself
Consistency: Performing well on the job every day - No Excuses.

We look for these core values when we hire our employees and we push them to grow in each of these areas daily. We believe that if we have employees that match our core values as a company, then we can consistently perform to the expectations of each of our clients.

Excellent Communication:

We recognize that each client has their own expectations that they want us to uphold. We strive to personalize each property to those expectations. We have been successful in this by doing three things.

1) By Walking the property with each client and taking notes of what needs to be done
2) By consistently following up with each client to insure their satisfaction
3) By having good communication between a supervisor who manages your property and the crew leader who performs the work.

Following Through:

It is our goal to perform at the highest level of service.  We recognize that if you are in business long enough, issues will inevitably come up.  Like in life, you may not be able to control when and what problems arise, but you can control how you respond and take care of them.  We will always respond, period.  And when we respond it will be with common sense, with integrity and with professionalism.

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